How to export a group from Employee Navigator directly to Allay

Allay has partnered with Employee Navigator to make it even easier to add groups to Allay. By exporting your group to Allay, the group’s census and basic information will be added to a new quote, saving you extra time.

Step 1: Log into Employee Navigator and from your client’s home page select Administrative Services under Data Feeds.

Step 2: Select ‘add a service’, then use the drop down to choose Allay, then click ‘add’.

Step 3: You will receive an email notification confirming the group was properly added to Allay and is ready for modeling.

What Information is transferred?

- Basic client info used to set up a group, such as: company name, location, industry code and effective date.

- A member census that includes basic demographic information such as: name, date of birth, gender, zip code and current plan election. 

Currently Employee Navigator only allows for exporting of basic group details and census info. Although existing medical plans and participation will be added to Allay, you’ll need to enter the plan designs and rates manually as employee navigator does not yet support exchanging of this information.