About Employee Health Questionnaires

Group Health Insurance options are limited and the prices have increased dramatically for several years in a row.

The only way to reduce the cost of health insurance is to change how healthcare and medications are purchased and change the contracts between employers and insurers.

The only way to get better contracts is to stop buying pre-packaged health plans and build custom plans. This can only be done by using the actual health data from the plan participants to help set the plan rates.

“The only way to reduce the cost of health insurance is to change how healthcare and medications are purchased...”

Health data is often readily and easily available. Any time you visit a doctor, a hospital or another form of care facility, your treatment data is recorded and stored and shared with insurance carriers so the claims can be processed and paid.

The key to your personal protection is rules around how the data is handled. That is important because every patient’s data -- your’s included-- can be made available to other doctors, but also to other insurers. They use the data to determine the price of health care and how to structure health plans.  

When an employer group is not large enough to have adequate claims data reports from insurance carriers, health questionnaires are used to capture the same data.

The health questionnaires administered by Allay accomplish two important things:

  1. They ensure your personal identification and personal health history are handled according to the highest standards of HIPAA compliance (data protection).
  2. They allow Allay to secure the most accurate and competitive medical insurance rates.

More about Allay Security:

The Allay application used to collect health information for the purpose of medical insurance underwriting is a HIPAA compliant software as a service product. Allay partners with larger insurance carriers and is subject to risk assessment analysis and auditing to ensure the proper protection of the confidential data it collects through both its software as well as its third-party administrator partners. You can find more about Allay's security here: https://allay.io/security/