How do I add a new TPA or solution partner to Allay?

Allay has a great selection of TPAs and solution partners that can make a positive impact on your clients’ health plans. If you have a preferred vendor that hasn’t been added yet, however, you’re welcome to add them to your programs.

Note: When you add a custom TPA or solution partner to Allay, it will only be visible to your agency.

How to add a custom TPA

Step 1: Create a custom program and type the name of the TPA you want to add and click on the green bar to save it.

Step 2: Enter their admin fee and a name for the program and click “Next”. Next time you create a custom plan, this TPA will be among the choices in the drop down menu.

Note: When you add a custom TPA, Allay will not automatically know what options the TPA has for provider access (network / RBP), PBM or solution partners so you’ll need to add the appropriate choices for each.

How to customize provider access

Once you’ve selected a TPA and made it to the Plan Design screen, you’ll see a box for Provider Access. Type the network or RBP vendor to use, and select “Click here to use (your custom entry)”. Next, enter the fees for utilizing that network or RBP vendor and continue.

How to add a custom PBM

Add a custom PBM by choosing “other” from the dropdown menu and enter the name of your desired PBM. Make sure to enter the cost for the PBM before continuing.

How to add a custom solution partner

In the “Add Your Own” field, add the name of the solution partner and a PEPM cost or click “custom” if they use a different pricing model such as % of savings.  

How to add a custom pass through expense

When adding pass through expense, enter the costs as a PEPM, tiered pricing or custom.

Tip: Think of pass through expenses as anything that you want included in the pricing that will be shown to the client (enrollment portal, COBRA admin, etc.).