How to Create and Use Saved Programs

Once you have created a program you like with the right mix of cost containment vendors, you can save it for use in other future cases. Use this feature for quick access to programs you want your organization to reuse.

How to create a saved program:

Step 1: From your quoting dashboard, choose a program you want to use in the future and add it to your saved programs by clicking the “+ save” button.

Step 2: Go to Saved Programs and it will appear as master version.

Step 3: Use the arrows to expand and view
The saved programs store the following info:
  • TPA
  • PBM
  • Provider Access (Network and/or RBP Vendor)
  • Cost Containment Vendors
  • Pass Through Expenses
  • Stop Loss Variables
Step 4: To edit the master, click on “edit” to see your options: 

How to add your saved program to a quote:

Step 1: Click on “+ Add a program” → “Select from saved programs”

Step 2: Click “+ Add to quote” on the saved program you would like to use.

Step 3: This master program will open up in edit mode where you can add plan designs and adjust the program variables. 

When you're done click the "Save Plans" button. 

Step 4: Click the “+ Apply participation to Plan” and enter or map the participation from the matched existing plan or census.

Click "Save Participation"

Step 4: To make more tweaks to this program for this quote, click “edit.” 
NOTE: any changes you make here will only apply to this quote's version of the program and will not change the master version. 

How to delete a saved program:

Step 1: Use the delete button to delete any master versions you no longer want to use.