FAQ on Member Experience

Is there a guide for employees to help them understand the PHQ process? 

Yes! We wrote a post anticipating their questions here.

How are the member cards issued and with what kind of branding?

Members insurance cards are issued to members and branded with the program’s third party administrator and network. 

How are claims issues handled?

Claims issues are addressed by the programs third party administrator (TPA). Allay only works with TPA’s with very high customer service standards.

How long does it take to install the group and get ID cards?

It typically takes between 2-4 weeks from the date contracts are signed for the group to be installed and employees to receive their new ID cards. 

Who handles questions and other coverage issues that come up throughout the plan year?

The broker is always the first point of contact on any issues related to eligibility of new hires, life events and coverage from the employer and their employees.