Employee FAQ on Personal Health Questionnaires (PHQ)

1.   What information should I gather before starting the questionnaire?

Before starting, you should gather the following information for you and each of your eligible enrolling dependents:

  1. Date of Birth,
  2. Height and weight,
  3. Social Security Number (SSN),
  4. Names of any prescriptions being taken including the dosage (how much?) and frequency (how often?)
  5. 10 years of medical history including:
    1. Dates of any surgeries or hospital stays
    2. Diagnosis of any major illnesses, chronic conditions, or anything for which you have medications and/or continuing treatments.  
    3. Prognosis,related to the conditions listed, that is, what does your treating physician say about the future state of your condition(s)?

Tip: Though you may not be in treatment for a condition, even if “only under medical supervision” you should disclose it. Here are some examples:

  • you’ve had skin cancer in the past and though you are currently free of carcinomas, you are getting regular screenings; or,
  • you have been identified as pre-diabetic and effectively manage this condition through diet and exercise; or,
  • you have asthma and upon doctor’s advice manage this by avoiding cigarettes and staying indoors when air quality is poor.

2.  What if I DON’T plan to enroll in the company sponsored health insurance?

This questionnaire is required of all employees who are eligible for health insurance so you still need to register and say why you are refusing coverage. The good news is that waiving coverage takes just a couple of minutes!

3. How long will this take if I DO plan to enroll?

If you plan to join your employer’s health insurance, this questionnaire takes around 10 minutes. This time can depend on the number of eligible dependents you will enroll and the complexity of your medical history. The better prepared you are, the faster you’re likely to complete it. (See Question 1 for a full list of requirements.)

4. How is this information used?

Your employer has engaged an employee benefits advisor who will:

  • Use everyone’s personal health disclosures to create a picture of your company’s overall health.
  • Use this overall health assessment to determine the appropriate coverage so everyone has insurance for the care they need.
  • Approach multiple insurers who can offer the coverage at a competitive rate.

5. What happens if I DON’T disclose a known health issue?

This puts you at risk of the insurer refusing to pay for your care because they didn’t know about it beforehand. Remember, they use this information to take it into consideration when quoting a cost per employee.

6. What if I can't remember details (dates, doctor's names, drug name etc)? 

Go ahead and answer to the best of your recall:
  1. Estimate any surgery date(s) you do not precisely recall; 
  2. Name the condition being treated and whether it was a generic or brand name drug for any Rx you cannot recall; and,
  3. Identify the type of specialist or doctor you saw, plus their medical group or hospital if you cannot recall a doctor's name.

Where you are mentioning a chronic or likely to repeat condition is where the details matter most.

7. What happens if I get diagnosed with a condition after I start insurance? Will it be covered?

Yes! Your rates are built on known medical issues but everyone recognizes that Life happens! If you’re diagnosed with an illness or (heaven forbid) have an accident, it will be covered.

8. Do I have to do complete the questionnaire all at once?

No, once you have started the process, you can log back in by clicking here whenever you like. Do NOT go back to your invitation link. Keep in mind, you are asked to finish without delay!

Tip: Bookmark this URL now: https://app.allay.io

9. I’m creating an account with my work email. Can I be sure it’s really confidential from my employer?

Yes, it’s fully confidential in strict accordance with HIPAA, which ensures your right to privacy.

Your employer cannot see ANY information about the health of any employee on Allay. Your personal health information is only viewed by outside third parties - your employer’s benefits advisor and insurance company - who are professionally obligated to be fully compliant with the rules protecting your personal health information.

10. What if I need to go back and revise my answers or add more information?

If your questionnaire is not-yet-signed, you will have an opportunity to make any changes BEFORE signing documents.  Here’s a guide to step you through it.

If you have already signed your document and need to go back and change your answers, email help@allay.io

11. What if I miss the deadline?

Completing your personal health questionnaire before the deadline is really important! Your company’s benefits advisor cannot get insurance prices - or negotiate for better rates! - until all the PHQs are turned in. Your cooperation is key; you run the risk missing out entirely on coverage if your questionnaire is not completed in a timely fashion.

If something prevents you from completing the personal health questionnaire on time, please contact help@allay.io ASAP.

12. When I'm done what kind of confirmation can I expect? 

When you've completed your health questionnaire, you will get an email to confirm your answers were recorded and you're done.