All About Allay

How do you pronounce Allay?

Allay is pronounced “allay” [/əˈlā/]

Who is Allay’s Leadership? 

Allay's CEO is Julien Emery.

Plus, we've got a great team of advisors:

  • Ed Cymerys: Former Chief Actuary at Blue Cross Blue Shield California, Chief Actuary at Collective Health
  • Michael O’Neil: Former Product Development & Product Marketing at Blue Shield California
  • Natalie Sunderland: Former Vice President of Marketing at CastLight Health, Vice President of Marketing QVentus
  • Molly Smith: Health Care Policy at American Hospital Association 

You can see all of our faces  here

Where is Allay located?

Allay is headquartered in San Francisco’s financial district. 

How long has Allay been in existence?

Allay was founded by Julien Emery (CEO) and Andrew Draper (Head of Product) in 2014 with a vision to improve the lives of benefits advisors and the clients they serve. 

What states does Allay operate in? 

Allay offers programs in all 50 states, adhering to state self-funding regulations. Some states are limited in which programs can be offered. 

Is Allay a general agent? 

Yes, Allay is a general agent to stop loss carriers and self-funded programs that are in the Allay platform.